12 Cool Rechargeable Gadgets I Use In My Tiny Home

If you're like me and you have (or want) a tiny home then you probably want to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. So what better way then to use some of the rechargeable cool gadgets that can be found almost everywhere...

Many of these gadgets offer the convenience of USB or USB-C recharging. Opting for battery power is a practical choice, as most new devices can provide a good week or more of usage on a single charge.

For instance, my rechargeable lights can last for weeks with minimal use, while my rechargeable toothbrush can even go for months before needing a recharge. (I promise I brush my teeth!)

When the battery runs low, simply plug them in until the green light indicates a full charge.

Tech gadgets galore!

Thought I'd just cover the new gadgets I use, so the list is in no particular order. Let's see if the pictures can do most of the talking!

Let's start with the rechargeable wall light, shall we...

1. Rechargeable wall light

Rechargeable work light with flexible clamp / clip for attaching almost anywhere.

This is a great rechargeable work light (or wall light) and it's one of my coolest gadgets... clips on to almost anything... lasts a good while... and it's about the size of a mobile phone.

You can get larger wattage size versions with more battery life too.

Easily used as a kitchen light or even a bathroom wall light, it's USB powered but you can get the USB-C variety too. (Currently looking around for a rechargeable table lamp too, if such a thing exists).

2. Rechargeable Fan

Rechargeable USB fan with misting and fancy coloured disco lights!

Another in my list of cool gadgets is this rechargeable USB fan with mister. This great little fan also clips on to almost everything (including stand / sit down desks!)

My only gripe with this fan is the water tank doesn't hold much water... but it's easy enough to fill it up again. Has multiple different fan speeds and groovy disco coloured lights.

I'm sure the early adopters of rechargeable USB gadgets face challenges with battery life and charging convenience before the technology matures. But so far, so good!

3. Smartphone charger or watch charger

Convenient USB-C smartphone charger uses MagSafe magnet to snap to your phone.

This smartphone charger fits USB-C ports and powers on to my MacBook Pro... it'll snap to your iPhone (or most smartphones) with Mag Safe connector and happily keep it charged.

It's a bit hard to see in the pic but the aluminium stand that the charger sits in on has been the best thing ever. It allows you to position your smartphone in multiple creative ways, which is brilliant when I'm practising language study in Duolingo!

4. Noise cancelling USB headphones

Bauhn USB headphone with noise cancelling - still in the testing phase!

I get great sound with these USB headphones, although I haven't had them long enough to thoroughly test them out.

What's important to me with headphones is a) noise cancelling, b) able to withstand the rigour of airplane / road trips and c) not let my ears get too sweaty if I wear them for a good while!

5. Rechargeable vacuum cleaner

Every tiny home needs a rechargeable vacuum cleaner on their cool gadgets list!

This rechargeable vacuum cleaner is an essential item for any tiny house. What can I say about it? It sucks - in a good way! It does, however, take a good while to recharge (multiple hours).

Guess that indicates how powerful the battery is.

It's great to be able to use a battery powered vacuum instead of having to plug the thing into a wall outlet! Every tiny home could use this!

Researched a few different versions including the Dyson rechargeable vacuums, eventually went with the Black and Decker cordless lithium 7.2V.

6. Portable bluetooth speaker

You can take this portable bluetooth speaker with you almost everywhere!

Some people really love their bluetooth speakers but I'm still on the fence about them a bit. Having said that, they definitely don't take up much space in a tiny home!

I guess you do get some sort of home theater type sound with one.

USB rechargeable of course.

This one is still on my list of new gadgets to test and report back with the results...

7. Travel adaptor power bank

This rechargeable power bank / travel adaptor comes with a gorgeous case too.

This travel adaptor power bank is probably one of the best gadgets I've ever used. I like how it shows you how much charge is available, and how it contains different plug adaptors for whichever country you happen to be in.

Kind of like the Swiss army knife of power bank adaptors!

My iPhone never seems to overheat when I charge it with this power bank.

It's got so many bits and bobs to it and half of them I haven't even used yet.

8. Rechargeable blender

Your cool gadgets in the kitchen should include this rechargeable blender!

Interested in having cool gadgets in the kitchen (or for road trips?) Then these rechargeable blenders are the way to go.

Apparently you can make up to 20 blends before recharging. (I haven't actually got one but I've been pondering the thought of grabbing one!)

They have a water resistant USB-C charging port on the front of the blender. If you love super food smoothies (like I do) and you travel a lot then it really is food for thought...

9. Rechargeable insect zapper

Ever tried to sleep in a room with a mosquito? You'll know how handy one of these can be!

If your tiny home is all well sealed with window fly-screen then no mosquitoes or flying creatures should be able to get in, so you may not need a gadget like this.

But if you're camping... this device is worth its weight in gold!

Works really well if you can get some air flow near it. Has a built in light too. Really quick to charge.

10. Electric rechargeable toothbrush

Can't fault this rechargeable toothbrush - it's also gentle on my teeth and gums!

Wouldn't go anywhere without my rechargeable toothbrush! It's the best thing ever.

Although it's not quite three devices in one, it does have multiple speed selection, and the battery lasts for months!

If they could make it entirely out of recyclable plastics even better! Charges via USB.

11. Rechargeable shaver - nose hair trimmer

Rechargeable shaver (nose hair trimmer) is a handy gadget to have!

Sometimes you need to have a rechargeable shaver, or hair and nose trimmer, with you.

This one hasn't let me down. It's solidly built and I'm sure it would survive road trips or overseas adventures well.

Powered by USB... lasts almost forever!

12. Rechargeable power bank / solar charger

Why not use sun power to charge gadgets like this solar power bank?

As well as the rechargeable lights and the other gadgets on this page, this solar charging power bank definitely fits into the cool gadgets list.

It's probably better suited to travelling than tiny home living but it's a good rugged piece of kit that I like having around.

Anytime you can use the sun to power your gadgets has to be a good thing, right?

Other gadgets

Can't forget my rechargeable car, right?

Cool gadgets have to include the BYD Atto 3 electric car, right?

Well that's the list of the best gadgets I use in my tiny home... I'm sure there's other accessories out there that are just as good, and rechargeable too.

Let me know what rechargeable gear (laptop anyone?) you use in your home!

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