Tiny Home Pictures

A gallery of tiny home designs and modular cabin homes photos, updated often!

Personally I think it's inspiring to look at pictures of modular cabins, tiny homes and the like, don't you?

So many different designs out there...

From do-it-yourself kits to storage and decor ideas... from prefabs to log cabin style... the list goes on!

I thought I'd put some of my favourite tiny home pictures from my travels on this page. The next home show is coming up and maybe I'll even go see the Ryebucks factory and get more insightful snaps.

Stay tuned.

Ryebucks Portables at Melbourne Home Show

One of the (super popular) Ryebucks Portables from Melbourne Home Show.

Above image is one I captured from the Melbourne Home Show 2023 (Australia) showing how popular the Ryebucks Portables prefab buildings are.

People were buzzing all over the place.

The Ryebucks prefabs look great and feel spacious inside too. It's like you can actually have a home for (way under) $100,000!

Interior view of one of the Ryebucks portable prefabs.

Above image is a bit of a quick shot (apologies!) but it kind of shows how spacious the modular tiny home is. Using light-coloured furniture, decor and materials probably helps. Plus the large windows and door let an abundance of natural light in!

Another wider angle interior view of the cabin style modular homes.

Above image is an interior view of the Ryebucks Portables prefab building. They were so busy it was challenging to get a photo without a person in it!

For a tiny home, it sure looks spacious!

You could even use a fold-up bed which transforms into a studio desk if you wanted to.

The bathroom is at the back of the image.

Side view of the Ryebucks portable home (with seagull!)

Above image is just a side view showing the materials used for the exterior panelling. I think this one is called the VillaPod.

The seagull seemed to be quite happy too.

Really looking forward to getting an interview with Ryebucks as soon as possible!

Exterior (rear) view of the modular home showing gas fittings.

Above image is a rear view of the Ryebucks Portable. It has gas fittings, power inlet and electrical connection. The exterior wall material has a nice textured touch.

I'm guessing that air conditioner unit could be moved as needed. Bathroom has a small sliding window.

That's all for now but I will add more images soon, including the Luxe and Luna tiny home and other modular cabin homes!

Old School Classic Thai House Design

And now for something completely different!

This amazing Thai house is located in Phuket, Thailand and is a beauty. Looks to be made entirely out of timber. Love the grass growing on the rooftop!

An amazing old Thai house in Phuket, Thailand.

This old building has stood the test of time, and is still going strong. Interesting Thai architecture. Got to be over 100 years old. What do you think?

Same Thai house, slightly different angle!

The Sonic Steel Container Home

If container homes are your thing, then have a look at the unique way Sonic Steel makes their modular homes. They use a uniqueVenSulation system to solve the ventilation, insulation and condensation challenges that most container homes face.

One of the fabulous Sonic Steel container homes.

Containers travel the oceans so they need structural stability and endurance in all weather conditions. I've opted for a prebuilt tiny home on wheels myself, but I definitely considered going with the innovative Sonic Steel modular homes too.

Another version of the Sonic Steel modular home.

As you can see, they don't just utilise a container exterior... they also build from the ground up. These prefab buildings are suited to bushfire-prone areas and are self sufficient and compact. Many different custom sizes are available.