Tiny Home Options: Which Small House to Choose?

Been rabbiting on for yonks to everyone within earshot about how amazingly economical tiny homes are, and maybe some of that grunt work has finally paid off.

A guy I know has an easy-access, 1 acre-ish size bush block of flat land. There's a standalone shed, water tank, and lots of kangaroos and rabbits, so that's a good start.

He told me he was considering building or buying a small house, either for himself or to rent out to someone.

So I thought I'd give him my version of what I think are some great small homes to build (or buy) that he could start with, right away. So let's get into it...

Buying my First Tiny Home

Buying my own tiny home at long last! (Bit different to this one though).

As real estate drives something like 39% of total global emissions, maybe tiny house living is one way to deal with that.

Before I jump into the small house ideas let me say that I recently ordered my own Hangan tiny home on wheels - and I'm 'hangin' out for it to arrive! More on that below.

A Tiny Home on Wheels or Something Else?

A cool retro camper at a car park in Maryborough, Victoria.

I'm not sure if he wants a full size home or not but as I can talk anyone's ears off about the benefits of the tiny house model, (ie; lower cost, build speed and flexibility to move), then I'm sure he'll go with a tiny.

And sure, small houses give you smaller spaces to play in, but how much space (and stuff) do you really need to buy (and hang on to)?

So I thought I'd run through a list of a few small house options I'd recommend to him. These include self assembled eco kit homes, pod homes and even used jet pod homes, just for fun.

Here's my take on it.

Grabbin' a Hangan Tiny Home

One of the Hangan tiny house model range. Very nice!

I would definitely recommend to him the Hangan range of tiny houses - after researching almost everything currently on the market. (There's a lot!)

Keep in mind this is for Australia though, so for other parts of the world I'm going to need to put my nose down and research more!

Quick details: I ordered the Fraser 7.2 metre. (Width 2.4 m, Length 7.2 m, Height 3.7 m). Interior space is 17.28 m2. (186 square feet, right?) Fully insulated windows and walls.

And of course I added in the extra window because I like kangaroos and watching the dawn.

Wanted to keep the cost at around the A$100,000 mark, have a (sloping) gable roof, and preferably be under 4 metres height.

I looked at these (and more) before I went with the Fraser 7.2: (Approximate pricing)

  • TreeHab.com.au ($135,000)
  • AussieTinyHouses.com.au ($116,000)
  • Hauslein.com.au ($98,000 to $128,000)
  • StarterHomes.com.au ($150,000, or lockup shell for $65,000)
  • TinyHouse.com.au  (Lockup $35,000 - lots of model choices)

It costs quite a lot to transport a tiny house!

So if you buy one in Brisbane, Queensland and transport it to Melbourne, Victoria, then that could cost about $7500 on top of the build cost of the home. Something to consider...

Brisbane to Melbourne: different cities and a long costly tiny home road trip!

Location is important... as in, where you plan to put your tiny house?

Because where I am (in Victoria) it gets rather bone shivering cold in winter so double glazed windows and insulation is essential.

Whereas if you're in Queensland or warmer climate locations then maybe you don't need the double glazed fancy stuff.

I needed energy efficient so I made sure to get solar ready wiring, electric cooktop (no gas), and Sunmar GTG composting toilet. (Ended up getting the Green Loo GL90 instead!)

Sustainable Elsewhere Pods

This is an ElseWhere Pod. Lots of natural light and open floor plan.

I'd also recommend one of these amazing Elsewhere Pods.

The one I looked at (above) was all open plan apart from bathroom toilet area at one end. The crowd noise outside was a whisper after we closed the sliding door.

The double glazed, tempered mute glass they use really deadens the sound.

They create tiny home models too, and have a nice little range with large windows running full length. I would have liked to see an Elsewhere Pod with a kitchenette, bedroom, studio etc in it, to get the family home type of feel. Maybe next time.

I thought the price was reasonable but keep in mind they don't come with wheels or a trailer. But then again you can just crane it off into a permanent position. (Not far from a beach would be nice!)

The 8m Tiny Home Pod (2m high) is $78,750. Constructed using titanium magnesium alloy materials.

Self Assemble an Ecokit

Stunning Ecokit Adventure with sleeping loft 50 sqm.

What's not to like about these? They tick all the sustainability boxes. And they look gorgeous too.

No wheels though... so you need a permanent place to build it. The components and panels are all numbered so you (and some fellow tiny house enthusiasts) can follow and easily build it together!

They use a non-toxic, natural, sustainable materials and a low carbon footprint construction process.

Ecokit (especially the Adventure, pictured above), is an aesthetically pleasing (flat packed) house design that I would recommend sneaking a peek in!

Gorgeous Coodo Modular Homes

Tree house, guest house, Coodo universe!

The Coodo is the modular pod living space I've been telling anyone who would listen for a good while now. This is how we can start living sustainably!

Would be good to use natural grown materials (ie; bamboo or hemp) for the construction, so it's built locally... Less shipping (and transport) needed, right?

No trailer with these either but still relocatable. Just call in a truck to crane it.

Questions for Aussie owners: is it bushfire proof? (To what rating?)


You've seen the Coodo, but have you seen the Nestron Cube?

Looking for a compost toilet for a caravan, boat or RV?

Flat Packed Modular Pod Homes by Humpy

These Humpy modular pod homes look good too!

Great as a home office, work from home studio, consultation room, granny flat, etc. Arrives flat packed and can be assembled within a day.

The Humpy is super simple and may need council approval depending where you are located.

Add ons include air conditioning, deck, and so forth. As I understand it there is a 4 - 6 week timeline to build your Humpy in the first instance.

Another option might be Ryebucks Portables who have some amazing low cost small house designs, Villapods, and modular portables!

Bespoke Commercial Jet Pods

Large panoramic windows on front side of these Aeropods.

Just when you thought you've seen everything...

Along comes a genius idea of using office and living pods made from up-cycled high grade sections of (discontinued) commercial jets. (Must be hundreds of these lying abandoned, eh?)

Think glamping pods, student accommodation, kids playroom, home bar, commercial laundry, or even an home office. But for a complete tiny house? Not quite yet it seems.

Having access to commercial jet parts gave them the idea of using what was in front of them for bespoke cabin style pods.

Installed in a day, they have built-in panel heaters (or underfloor heating). For lighting they use low-power LEDs, and come with Bluetooth speakers fitted in the ceiling. Constructed from upcycled planes make them corrosion resistant, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Low maintenance and panoramic views. And built strong, very, very strong!

So that's my take on small house ideas for now. I've rabbited on quite a bit and there's lots to do. Those shipping container homes won't research themselves!

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