15 Small House Ideas From The 2024 Mornington Tiny Home Expo

Went along to the 2024 Mornington tiny home expo (Victoria, Australia) last weekend and came across some amazing small home ideas.

From all-in-one small homes (on wheels) that pop out, to the super futuristic Cabin X or Elsewhere Pods, there was a great selection of possibilities on display.

Small house design is big!

So many idea nuggets from the day.

Lots of people milling around too.

Didn't try the food but took inspiration in the functional houses on display.

Best way is to show you through pics from the tiny home expo... so here we go.

Fast train style small house design by Cabin X.

The futuristic Cabin X. A Dune spacecraft? Hurtling through countryside on a fast train?

Nice tiny home with inbuilt wood stove at the expo.

I love these (fireproof?) wall panels... an expansive main house (not on wheels though!)

Great little Base Cabin home available for $99,000.

Nice little Base Cabin fully insulated for around the $99K mark. A shed style tiny home.

A Grand Tiny Homes living space with lift up windows and cool deck.

Great small house design with this one... (will need to maximise space!)

These Luxury Pods were very impressive. (Based on the Coodo?)

Loved these ground floor Luxury Pods. Very narrow inside but long floor space. Possibilities are endless!

Stealth style tiny home by Bare at the Mornington tiny home expo.

More cool small house design by Bare with mixed external cladding (timber entryway with metal).

Sustainable building practise from Candy Constructions.

Another great lifestyle space from Candy Constructions... lift up window ventilation could be handy!

This expandable tiny home had to be seen to be believed!

This expandable tiny home from ExpandableTinyHomes was the coolest use of small space I've seen in a long time. Will get the exterior pics to show you asap!

Another view of the Base Cabin at the tiny home expo.

Do you think tiny homes are the perfect solution? (Another view of the Base Cabin small house).

Cool little relocatable sauna at the Mornington tiny home expo.

A relocatable sauna on wheels project with interesting timber work...

4x4 with a huge roof top tent at the expo.

I had to include it... Roof top tent looks cosy! The only one of these at the tiny home expo.

I like the cladding colour on this Piccolo Living tiny home.

Nice external cladding (probably what I would have chosen) from a Piccolo tiny home. Extra wide door space too.

Simple exterior tiny living (this is the one with the inbuilt wood stove).

Another view of a simple small house design at the Mornington tiny home expo.

Rick's Towing showstopper Unimog on display.

This beast (Mercedes Benz Unimog) is what Rick's Towing uses to transport tiny homes! (They transported mine!) It's not quite a tiny home - but you could modify and live in it!

A lot of attention was on the Elsewhere Pods modular cabin!

One of my favourites, the Elsewhere Pod... reflective glass is nice... comes flat packed... sustainable construction... great size. (Winner of the Airbnb OMG! Fund).

So that's it... Some cool spaces and fascinating layout ideas. I'll add more snaps shortly. I definitely need to show you more how that little expandable tiny home (origami-style) folds out!

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