9 Simple Organization Ideas For Your Tiny Home On Wheels

I love shops that are filled with solutions that help me organize my tiny home space.

Keeping everything as minimalist as possible is a never-ending story!

Here's some of the ways I've gone about it...

1. Stand up desk

Stand up desk for writing, photography and every project I'm working on!

The IKEA stand up desk (TROTTEN) is fabulous.

You can wind it up or down so it's perfect for your height, and your legs slide in nicely underneath it. I also got the stool (see below) that is crazily comfortable.

Especially for people that kind of half perch on the edge of stools...

2. Organizational rack for kitchen

Organization racks for kitchen space.

Space is tight in a tiny home so you need to use what you can for storage.

This little stainless steel rack (KUNGSFORS) was easy to install and attached to the cupboard behind it.

Now it looks like I'm a master chef.

It sits above and near the induction cook top. Handy spot!

3. Tiny home fridge

Awesome CHIQ fridge snug fit, all 86 litres of it!

Really glad this fridge came my way. Super snug fit! You know what's really great about this fridge? It's almost as quiet as a mouse. It's the quietest bar fridge I've ever (not) heard.

Having a separate freezer section is good too, especially for those of us who can't go past ice cream.

4. Wall shelving unit

This storage unit is a great organizer and easy to install.

Another IKEA wonder. It's good to have a clock for meditation and what not, as well as interior temperature. There is also my first Tesla there (model Y) if you look closely.

Who needs a shelving unit when you have this cute little bird cage on your wall?

IKEA calls it the SVENSHULT storage unit.

5. Birch spice rack for kitchen

Birch wood spice rack (or kitchen declutter system!)

A neat place to store all your things like churnas, spices, ghee, superfoods and all.

My daily routine doesn't mind a bit of breakfast so I just reach up and grab what I need. My kitchen is weird eh?

This tactile wall shelf is called NEREBY. From IKEA of course.

6. Recycled content yoga rug

Yoga rug, if there's such a thing! (With skis of course!)

Got to walk on something soft! it's the rule around here.

This recyclable content based rug was another IKEA pickup. A lot of my stuff is IKEA because:

  1. They put a lot of thought into their product design
  2. They use recyclable and sustainable materials as much as possible
  3. Their pricing is good

What's your daily routine?

I guess we furnish our homes based on our routines and needs, eh?

I like productivity so the stand up desk was essential. (Keeps me on schedule I hope).

But other little things are important too, like rechargeable fans and lighting, water filtration systems, linen closet (still working on this one), and more.

7. Kitchen bench top mat

This kitchen mat is for toast and avocado lovers!

The simplest things, right?

These mats are very handy.

Can put a bread board on it and the thing stays put.

Even when I'm tackling crusty sour dough bread!

Now here's that stool I was talking about...

8. Active sit / stand chair / stool

An active sit/stand swivel chair/stool from IKEA.

Nothing quite like a stool (LIDKULLEN) that's so comfortable you can happily sit on it all day!

It moves when you move.

You accomplish more when you're comfortable.

Has a little bendy, swivel mechanism that just works - my posture seems to be better with it.

9. Rechargeable tools

Rechargeable fan tool (with mister) for your room that'll blow you away!

Why go rechargeable? Because you can charge it up one time and it'll run for days!

Plus it clips or hangs onto anything pretty much.

It probably does heaps of other magical things too!

So that's my life.

An assortment of organization tips, tools and whatnot in a tiny home nutshell.

Any questions let me know!

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