What Are The Cheapest Tiny Homes in Australia?

Have you ever heard about tiny houses? They're like super cool, mini homes that people live in. There's actually a thing called a "tiny house movement" where people choose to live in really small but awesome houses instead of big, regular ones.

Imagine having your own little house that you can take with you wherever you go. That's what tiny houses on wheels are all about. They're like a house and a caravan combined into one fun package!

Living in a tiny house is like going on an adventure every day. You get to experience a different way of life, where you don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. It's all about enjoying the simple things and having more freedom.

In December 2023 I finally moved in to my new tiny home.

Tiny houses are generally good for the environment too. They use less energy and resources, which means they are often eco-friendly and sustainable.

Now, you might be wondering, "Where can I find these tiny houses in Australia?" Well, there are lots of affordable options out there, from prefab (pre-made) homes to DIY (do-it-yourself) granny flats.

In fact, with everything from off-grid living to container homes, the options are almost never ending!

Living in a tiny house is all about having fun, being adventurous, and doing something a little bit different. If you're interested in sustainable living, or you want to gain extra space or even financial freedom, you can do that too!

On this page we've researched the cheapest tiny houses currently available. (All Australian owned and Australian built, unless otherwise noted) They are also all on wheels. At a later stage we will explore other tiny home options! Let's have a look...

Note: All sizes are length (L) x width (W) x height (H) in metres.

1. Build Your Own Tiny Home from Big Tiny

The Reyes tiny house could be the perfect solution for many Australians!

Home: Reyes Tiny House 6000 Series and 4800 Series


  • 6000 Series is 6m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 2.8m (H)
  • 4800 Series is 4.8m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 2.8m (H)

Square Meters:

  • 6000 series 14.4 SQ M
  • 4800 series 11.5 SQ M

Cost: Starts from $50,000 for the flat-pack panel kit (includes windows and doors, insulation, floor and roof and cladding). Turn key complete is $110,000.

Payment: Offers buy now pay later and a tiny house rental program. Payment plans available.


Comes as a flat packed panel system that can be self-installed. My guess is the panels are imported to Australia but I need to check this. Uses environmentally friendly materials.

This is one of the most affordable options, where you can build the tiny home yourself (perfect for a granny flat?) in just a few hours with some friends and basic tools. The panels come flat-packed and ready for assembly.

NB: Headquarters in Singapore with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Malaysia and elsewhere.

2. Tiny Homes on Wheels from Off Grid Tiny Houses

An affordable off grid tiny house from OffGridTinyHouses.

Home: Off Grid Tiny Houses

Size: The Compatta model is 6.8m (L) x 2.5m (W) x 3.6m (H)

Square Meters: Around 15 SQ M.

Cost: Starts from $74,500.

Payment: $20,000 deposit to secure a tiny house (includes preliminary agreement form). Progress payment of $30,000. 50% of the remaining balance at lock-up stage. Handover made after any extra costs or delivery and site setup.


These are modern, minimal tiny homes on wheels designed to run completely on renewable energy. The models can be customised with optional extras. Standalone solar is also an option. Full bathroom and kitchen with LPG (gas) instant hot water. Compost toilet included.

3. Häuslein Tiny House Gunyah Model

Highest quality materials, full off-grid capability and maximum comfort are key components of Hauslein tiny homes.

Home: Gunyah tiny home

Size: 5m (L) x 2.5m (W) x 4.3m (H)

Square Meters: 14 SQ M

Cost: Completed from $104,940

Payment: Can try before you buy (cost of your stay deducted from build cost). Finance available.


This is one of the more affordable pre-built tiny home models from Häuslein. It sleeps 2-4 people and is ideal for Airbnb use or guest accommodation. As the smallest house in the Hauslein range (under 3 tonnes) it can be towed by a 4 wheel drive.

Uses SP10 SmartGlass, low VOC paints, fibreglass earth wool (R2) insulation, with compost toilet available. Gas hot water system. Deck and awning with entrance steps available as an optional extra.

4. The Mod Pod from Tiny Homes 4 U

The Mod Pod starts from $39,600 and can come with a trailer mount.

Home: The Mod Pod from TinyHomes4U.

Size: 5.8m (L) x 2.2m (W) x 2.4m (H) (Can fit into a shipping container if required).

Square Meters: Around 12 SQ M

Cost: Starts from $39,600.

Payment: Finance options available. Australian owned and operated.


Has some good options including stainless steel kitchenette, double glazed windows, customisable sizing for the pods, foam core insulated panels, electrical distribution board (EDB) supplied.

Can purchase this pod with a 5.8m long tiny homes trailer. Trailer includes 4 x 15 inch rims, 4 x stabilising corner jacks and is registered for road use. Customised decking, solar packages, 2.6kW air conditioning and hot water heater are also available.

5 - Hangan Tiny Homes Sunset Model

The Hangan Sunset tiny house with full size shower, kitchen and breakfast bar.

Home: Hangan Tiny Homes Sunset Model

Size: 6m (L) x 2.4 (W) x 3.6m (H)

Square Meters: 14.4 SQ M.

Cost: Completed from $90,000.

Payment: Payment plans available.


The Hangan Sunset model comes with full size shower, kitchen and breakfast bar, floor level bed and could be used as temporary accommodation or just as a stand alone tiny house.

The Sunset seems to be the younger sister of the Fraser 7.2. For $10,000 more you can the Fraser ($100,000) which is 1.2 metres longer... every bit of space is appreciated in a tiny home!

And lastly

Can you get a tiny house for less than $100k?

The Sunset model is advertised at "completed from $90,000" and the Fraser 7.2 is advertised at "completed from $98,000" (on the Hangan website).

At 17.28 square meters, the Fraser 7.2 includes electric hot water, bathroom, AC split system, queen size mattress space, double glazed windows.

Keep in mind though that things like transport and delivery, plumbing to water tank or services, solar if needed, and so forth may incur extra costs.

Hopefully you got some good tiny home ideas and prices without too much trouble on this page!

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