About the Tiny Homes Laboratory!

All the details from deep within the lab...

Why on earth would I create a blog about tiny homes and small houses?

Well, I guess I feel like these little homes are a good solution to some of the housing challenges that exist today... plus I'm in the process of ordering one for myself too, so why not document the experience for others to learn from?

hangan tiny house model

Along the way I have a thousand questions...

And someone needs to answer them!

(Which will probably be me... in the form of Youtube videos, blog posts and hopefully really pretty tiny home photos!)

So I created a tiny home laboratory!

According to Wikipedia, a laboratory is:

A facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.

So there you go!

Lots of (down to earth) experiments on tiny homes, prefabs, off-grid homes, house pods, furniture, design and so forth coming your way!