A Tiny Home Christmas Present? My Tiny House Update

Where I’m at with my tiny home at the moment…

A beautiful field perfect for a tiny home...

Nice field sans a tiny home.

But there’s good news. Hopefully I’ll have my Hangan Tiny Home by this Christmas, or thereabouts.

Let’s quickly talk about costs.

How do the payments work?

As I ordered the Fraser 7.2 metre (see below) there are five payments:

  1. 30% ordering tiny home trailer ($30,000 deposit) √
  2. 15% framing ($15,000) √
  3. 20% weatherproofing / lockup ($20,000) √
  4. 15% Internal lining ($15,000) √
  5. 20% Final walkthrough ($20,000) √

(All prices in Australian dollars).

That should add up to $100 Bigs. Add a cherry on top as I had to have an extra window for kangaroo gazing. Factor in some delivery costs.

Plus solar installation, down the track.

Anyways, here’s what the Fraser 7.2 tiny home model looks like:

This little drawing shows the Hangan Fraser 7.2 metre tiny home model.

As long as it looks something like a ski lodge (or chalet, alpine lodge etc) then I’m good as gold.

Specifications of the Fraser Model 7.2 m

Width = 2.4 metres.
Length = 7.2 metres
Height = 3.7 metres
Square Metres = 17.28 m2.

Plus I just asked to move from a Sun Mar GTG composting toilet to a Green Loo GL 90 CM with a compost maximiser. I know it all sounds a bit technical. But there’s a reason I changed.

The GTG is a compact, self-contained (no hole-in-the-floor) composting toilet whereas the GreenLoo has an adjustable chute and composting container that sits underneath the tiny home.

Using the GreenLoo means emptying every few months compared to every few weeks. (That's a good thing!)

If you asked me…

At this point in time my tiny house is going to be located on land that I don’t own. That’s why I went with a tiny home on wheels.

Had it been my own land with some permanency then I may have gone with a Nestron Cube or an Elsewhere Pod.

These modular tiny homes need to be trucked in and hoisted off, then, voila! You have a permanent type small home. (Until you decide to move it again in the future).

Improve and innovate.

Just on that…

I also researched...

  • Hauslein LUNA tiny home (started at $125,000 - includes SP10 smart glass, delivery, skylight, compost toilet, and electric stove top)
  • AussieTinyHouses Casuarina 9 (about $131,000)
  • The LuxeTinyHomes Airlie ($162,700) which included skylight, underfloor storage, entrance steps, dimmable LED lighting and so forth).

15 August 2023

Hangan told me my tiny home will be going in the workshop next week-ish so they can start on the internal framing, or ‘build-up.’

I’ll keep you updated with pictures as the process happens…

Meanwhile, here’s a snap of a lovely tiny home I took recently:

Aerial view of a tiny home with some nice solar panels on top.

It’s great when you see a tiny home with solar panels on the roof.

I imagine the day when the roof itself is made out of solar panel type material… a bit like a Tesla roof, I guess.

Ok so can’t wait to show you the next stage of the build… Until then, enjoy.

28 August 2023

So, the tiny trailer has moved into the Hangan workshop ready for framing construction to begin.

Here's a photo of what that looks like (below).

Solid tiny home trailer eh?

My tiny home trailer in the Hangan workshop ready for construction.

Looks like it's big enough for me and all my stuff!

It's great how Hangan keeps me in the loop with the stages of my tiny home build.

Talk again soon!

Floor starting to take shape.
The first stage of my own tiny home is appearing.

Everything is taking shape and progressing nicely.

Nice set of wheels!

30 August 2023

Walls up on my Hangan tiny home already.
Even though I live 2-3 hours away from the Hangan workshop, I still get to see how it's going.

Progress sure is fast.

Windows and cladding are ready to go. Should be locked up over the next 3 weeks. Then it's plumbing and electrical.


22 September 2023

Way too fast!

Hangan must have 10 people working 24/7 methinks!

Henry (the boss at Hangan) said he threw more builders at it.

Suddenly it's taking shape before my eyes...

When you set an intention and it takes physical form it can be a bit of a freak out moment!

At this rate I'm going to have my own tiny home within a few months (or less)!

Better make sure I have a space to put it!

Now that I can 'visualise' it my anticipation and imagination are in overdrive!

Was planning for a February 2024 delivery but I have a sneaky feeling that it'll be more like November or December 2023.


It looks like a ski lodge or alpine cabin with the weathertex exterior. What's not to like about that?

Interior view of my Hangan tiny home under rapid construction.

Interior view of my Hangan tiny home, 7.2m Fraser model.

This is how they build them.

View down to the bathroom with a loft above for storage.

Next phase is sure going to be interesting...

01 November 2023

How is my Hangan tiny home going you ask?

The pictures below reveal all!

They are definitely moving fast...

It's fascinating to think that this is going to be my own home. Not sure if the reality of this has dawned on me yet!

The tiny home interior is coming along nicely eh?

My next invoice ($15K) is due in a few days time. I wish Hangan would accept AMEX card!

But they only take Visa or Mastercard. omg...

Might have to work overtime, sell more of my stock photos, or start scheming about how to bank roll some funds...

I asked my local bank but I'm sure they were laughing at me when I mentioned a tiny home. It seems you can't get security on a tiny home that technically (I like that word) hasn't been built yet.

Note to self: If you own a car / vehicle worth (say) $15K - $20K then a bank will have something to 'secure' for a personal loan. (Maybe time to upgrade my car?)

Another view of the interior of my tiny home under construction.

So that's how it's going.

Only one more payment ($20K) due after this one.

The final countdown?

I'll find the money even if I have to dream up some crazy schemes!

Plus delivery too.

Anyways... that's how it's progressing. Talk soon!

Tiling in place in the bathroom area. Groovy or what?

25 November 2023

The tiny home is looking good.

Slowly transforming into a home in front of my eyes.

Here's the view looking towards the bathroom area. Not too shabby eh?

Interior progress on my Hangan tiny home...

I've got to:

- Contact the driver / vehicle tower person to find out a price for towing

- Find out which insurance to use to insure the tiny home before it leaves the factory

- Sell 2000 + of my Boring Postcard books so I can raise $10K (half of what I need) LOL

- Minimalise even more?

And the bedroom view...

What else?


We need four of these (300 x 300 mm) to be positioned under the stabilisers at each end of the tiny home...

Do I use these concrete paving slabs for under the leg stabilisers?

Apparently these pavers are not strong enough... so I'll have to see what else I can do there.

Now for some recent updates...

28 November 2023

I've contacted a tow driver regarding bringing the tiny home from Launching Place to Castlemaine (Victoria). The cost for that is $1400.00 plus GST. It's a 193 KM trip so I guess that's a fair price.

Hangan have told me that the tiny home may likely be ready on the 21st December!

Things are moving fast now.

Here's some recent snaps of where the tiny is currently at...

Interior of the tiny is coming along nicely!

Still looks groovy.

Glad I opted in for some extra storage space above the bathroom though! lol

Another view with some wide angled cupboards happening.

Here's my bathroom...

Very surreal.

I'm sure it'll be beautiful to shower in!

Tiny home bathroom with tiling in place. Looks shiny!

Guess most tiny homes are open plan (like mine)...

Looking forward to actually living in it.

I am thinking of using a Japanese Tatami mat for the flooring too...

But super minimal!

The bedroom area... open plan of course... looks light filled and spacious!

Talk soon!

Got to make a miracle happen so I can get that last $20K for the builders!

17 December 2023

Here's some updated site preparation snaps.

Plus, I'll need to get tiny house insurance too... That'll cost me about $144.00 a month.

We purchased some crushed rock (road base) for $30.00.

Making sure the ground location is nice and flat eh, cricket pitch style...

Preparing the tiny home ground site with some crushed rock.
Cricket pitch style...

The crushed gravel just went mainly where the wheels will be sitting.

The little orange pegs are where the rear of the tiny home goes.

Hopefully I got my measurements correct!

Talk soon!

21 December 2023 (Mission Complete!)

Big day... lots of little pieces had to come together to make it happen.

Had to:

- Co-ordinate with Hangan when the tiny was departing their factory (around 8am)

- Make sure I was ready for the driver (Rick's Towing)

- Made sure I had people around me for help etc

- Made sure to have concrete pavers and timber blocks for the 4 corner wind-downs

- And way more not listed here!

My tiny home leaving the Hangan factory in Launching Place, Victoria. (Nice unimog eh!)

Rick (driver of the Mercedes Benz Unimog) arrives quickly... they step out the route to confirm they can get the big box on wheels to its location (sent aerial photos previously)...

And then it slowly crawls its way...

Crawling its way on the path to happiness!

Smooth operation...

Lined up on the ground pad perfectly.

The driver has done this before!

Backing the tiny house into it's final position...

Then Rick set about leveling the tiny home. A lot trickier than I thought!

Make sure you get someone experienced to help you with this part.

Finally, the incredible tiny home on its landing pad, ready for blast off!

Added the steps (temporary until we build a new step design).

Plugged it in and good to go. Mission successful.

Four month build and $100K. Worth every penny.

Of course... Still need to:

- Set up the gray water system

- Set up the composting toilet system

- Add the fly screens to windows

- Make crap loads of money so I can pay everyone back!

ALL GOOD... the job is done... it's super spacious in the interior... pics coming soon...

Thanks for being on the journey with me!

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